The Language of Frogs


9th January

7:15 pm

In association with HSS

Do you know how to speak froggish,  or understand a bit of toadish? If not, then this is the event for you.  Come along to gain a deeper understanding of the world around you, get to know the basics of frog and toad languages, which will be really useful whenever you are travelling at home or abroad. The talk will cover Common Toads – the meaning of  “release calls” – and our endangered Natterjacks – what exactly is all that nattering about? Anthony Arak will take you on a journey to Puerto Rico where you will hear the different messages of  the “co-qui” frog, and to Panama where you will listen to the “space-invading” muddle-pud frog. We will travel to Malaysia and Borneo, via Sri Lanka, a journey to gain a deeper understanding of the language of frogs.