Why our minds need the wild


11th May

11:30 am

In association with HSS

Presented by Lucy Jones, acclaimed author and journalist, a fascinating exploration into our deep connection with nature. Do we need the wild to be happy?

For centuries, we have acted on an intuitive sense that we need communion with the wild to feel well. Now, in the moment of our great migration away from the rest of nature, more and more scientific evidence is emerging to confirm its place at the heart of our psychological wellbeing. So what happens, as we lose our bond with the natural world? Might we also be losing part of ourselves?

Lucy takes us on an enthralling journey through this new research, to the cutting edge of human biology, neuroscience and psychology, and discovers new ways of understanding our increasingly dysfunctional relationship with the earth.

An urgent and uplifting rallying cry for a wilder way of life – for finding asylum in the soil and joy in the trees – which might just help us to save the living planet, as well as ourselves.

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